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The Lidcombe Program of early stuttering intervention 

Workshop in Tallinn >> 
September 19 – 21, 2018

Three-day workshop with high standard of instruction,  internationally standardized methods and materials.
Registration is open to all qualified speech pathologists and students.  

About Lidcombe Program

The Lidcombe Programme is a treatment for early stuttering that children enjoy and which is extremely useful. A three-day workshop is designed to cover the theory and practice of the programme.
Early intervention is essential for three reasons. The first is that it is known that children under 6 years old who stutter can receive social penalties from other children in the form of teasing and bullying. Second, if stuttering persists into the school years it starts to become difficult to treat. Third, if stuttering is not treated early it can cause problems later in life.


Workshop & Speakers

A three-day workshop in Tallinn, from morning till eveningwith a maximum of 40 delegates (see also Terms) is designed to cover the theory and practice of the programme. The purpose of this workshop is to give therapists sufficient knowledge to implement the plan in their clinics.

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A three-day workshop will include an overview of the Lidcombe Programme, measurement of stuttering, Stage I (treatment of stuttered speech), Stage II (maintenance of stutter-free speech), parent training, problem-solving and a look at some of the research.

The workshop will cover the following areas:

  • An overview of the Lidcombe programme – theory, basic concepts, etc.
  • The three main elements of the programme and how to implement these with a typically varied caseload:
    • Measurement of Stuttering.
    • Maintenance of stutter-free speech (Stage 2)
    • Treatment of stuttering (Stage 1) including parental verbal contingencies, practice sessions and natural conversation.
  • Problem-solving: the treatment is individualised for each child and so clinical reasoning skills are required to overcome specific difficulties a family may experience in using the treatment procedures.
  • Research into various aspects of the Lidcombe Program including parents’ experiences of implementing the treatment.


Corinne Moffatt

Program Trainer

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My name is Corinne and I have been working in UK as a speech and language therapist since 1988 and chose to specialise in stuttering early on in my career. I have worked with children and adults who stutter in a range of settings in London including City Lit, which is a national specialist centre for stuttering. I am a clinical tutor for the undergraduate and post-graduate training courses at City, University of London. I received Lidcombe Program training in 2000 and have gained considerable experience in using it with bilingual children and parents. I have been a member of the Lidcombe Program Trainers Consortium since 2014.

Irma Uijterlinde

Program Trainer

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My name is Irma Uijterlinde, born in the Netherlands in 1963. I have been working as a speech-language therapist since 1986 and specialised in stuttering in 2010. In 2016 I established Stottercentrum Utrecht where I work with children and adults who stutter. I’m also a therapist in the intensive group therapy for adolescents in the Netherlands. I provide workshops in the field of stuttering for speech-language therapists. I have been a member of the Lidcombe Prgram Trainers Consortium since 2012.

Pricing &  Registration

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